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Palo Alto Corporate Campus
Palo Alto, California

An updated irrigation system utilizing purplepipe consists of efficient tree bubblers and dripline technologies. Plant species that are both beautiful and drought tolerant were carefully chosen to ensure the new campus renovation fits into its native oak environment.

The existing campus, featuring law offices, surface parking, and extensive open spaces is situated in a prominent location in Palo Alto. The original ecosystem of the site is an oak grassland. When the campus was constructed in the 1970’s, many of the original Coast Live Oaks were preserved. The original landscape was designed using vast area of lawn and ornamental non-native plant species. At the present time, the campus features an established landscape. Maintenance issues include mature tree management, lawn management, mature shrub management and irrigation water usage.


Over the past three years Antonia Bava Landscape Architects has provided consulting for landscape renovations and design projects. The impetus for the site renovation project was to convert 31,000 square feet of lawn into drought tolerant planting. Inspired by the existing groves of Coast Live Oak trees new plantings. carefully chosen. The original site scope has expanded to include the site entry, entry road, building entry and three courts. The new planting creates a visually rich landscape tapestry, consisting of adapted and compatible native and introduced species.

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