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Mission Creek Senior Community
Mission Bay, San Francisco, California

The central focus of the building is a 10,000-square-foot central court, located on the second level over on-grade parking.  With views to Mission Creek, the central court provides a beautiful setting, supportive of the lives and activities of the residents who live at Mission Creek Senior and clients of the adult center.  Within settings of lush plantings, furnishings and colorful paving design, the central court features places for outdoor dining, exercising, gardening, socializing, strolling and meditation.  An entry court at the first level, adjacent to Mission Creek, has been designed as a lower garden, which provides a transition between the second-level court and the landscape development of the promenade along the Mission Creek Channel.

Mission Creek Senior Community is a unique housing and community component of the Mission Bay north-of-channel development, and is the recipient of numerous awards.  Located at Channel, Berry and Fourth Streets, the project features 140 units of high-density senior housing, offices, a community library and a community assembly hall.  An adult day center, located at the second level of the building, serves senior citizens from throughout the San Francisco community.

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