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Frenchman's Park
Stanford University, Stanford, California

Frenchman’s Park is an ecological and historic restoration of a significant site on the Stanford University Campus.  The Park was the site of a former reservoir from the 1880’s, part of the lands of Peter Coutts,  and holds an important place in the history of the development of the Stanford University Campus.

The design review process included coordination with the campus archaeologist, campus biologist, and collaboration with a local and active neighborhood community.

The resulting design creates a pedestrian walking system through the site and provides a variety of seating opportunities.  Stands of redwoods and oak trees have been preserved while the nature swale system has been reestablished and planted with native riparian shrubs and trees.  Historic remnants of the site, including a rock folly, and a brick bridge, are preserved. Additional boulder installations and a sign system have been added to the park to recall elements from the original historic site. 

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