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Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Martinez, California

The project consisted of a new 314,500 square foot replacement hospital building for the County Hospital of Contra Costa.  The project site is located on a steeply sloping five acre hillside site within the twenty acre Contra Costa Regional Medical Center campus.  Site planning for the new hospital, drop-off, roads and parking carefully interfaces with the existing hillside slopes and buildings to maintain access to existing buildings, minimize grading and preserve specimen trees, including an historic grove of redwood trees.  Numerous retaining walls were designed to maintain existing topography and stands of existing native vegetation. A pedestrian walk, at the top of the hillside site, provides access to the emergency drop-off, emergency parking and campus satellite buildings.

ABLA was responsible for the site development and landscape design including:  site grading, design of a vehicular entry plaza and pedestrian entry plazas, parking, utility coordination, landscape construction, hardscape and softscape documentation.  The design process involved extensive review and collaboration with the hospital administration, user groups and county supervisors.

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