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Martinez, California

ABLA worked with the Client to determine the existing conditions.  Contra Costa County has specific visual design landscape standards.

  • Existing pedestrian circulation, outdoor gathering area and hardscape parking area on east side (near Irene Street)

  • Softscape areas to reflect existing native vegetation

  • Preserve existing trees.


Material assumptions:


Update hardscape materials:  wood, cast-in-place integrally colored concrete or permeable concrete pavers, stone pavers.


Update site furnishings:  comfortable chairs and tables


Update softscape:  Trees – 24” box, shrubs 5 gallon, ground covers 1 gallon or flat ground cover.  All plant materials to be locally sourced.


Update irrigation:  tree bubblers, subsurface drip irrigation, programmable irrigation controllers, separate irrigation valves and circuits, remote automatic rain sensor.

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