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409 - 499 Illinois The Pier Culinary Gardens
Mission Bay, San Francisco, California

The Mission Bay Restaurant and Garden (Stem Kitchen) is a re-adapted on structure site renovation located on the second level of an existing building, 499 Illinois Street. Previously, at the second level, the building featured an on structure Plaza. The south side of the existing Plaza was converted to an outdoor terrace dining area and edible garden. Three existing planters were replanted with edible and ornamental plants. The new design accommodates the Stem Kitchen with edible farm to table produce grown on site, charming outdoor dining / lounge areas with fire pits and heaters and active programing such as a bocce ball court / cornhole.

In 2006-2009 ABLA was the Landscape Architect of Record for the original site landscape design and was responsible for the development of all construction documentation and construction administration. Following the Mission Bay Guidelines for streetscape design, streetscape details, utilities, and infrastructure were coordinated carefully with two civil engineers with detail and infrastructure review by the Mission Bay Task Force and design review by OCII, City and County of San Francisco Office of Investment and Infrastructure.


In 2013-2015 ABLA contracted By Alexandria Real Estate to provide site renovations for the existing on structure plaza to accommodate the new Stem Kitchen. Services including site development and landscape redesign of existing on structure plaza.  Work included hardscape and softscape design and development: hardscape, planter wall layout and design, planting design, edible farm to table palette selection and Furnishing layout and selection.

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