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Poetry Garden Plaza Private Open Space
199 Fremont, San Francisco, California

Integral to the interactive design process was close collaboration with the Architect, Antonia Bava Landscape Architects, Poet Robert Hass and Sculptor Paul Kos.  Integrating the vision of poetry and sculpture, the landscape design seeks to create a cohesive design thesis between words, spatial quality, stone and vegetation expressed as a common vision among building, landscape, poetry and sculpture.

199 Fremont is a premier high rise office building located near the Transbay Development Area, occupying the half block surrounded by Fremont, Howard and Beale Streets.  A unique feature of the 199 Fremont site development  is the adjacent 6,100 square foot Poetry Garden Plaza.  The plaza features a wall of poetry penned by Robert Hass, former Poet Laureate of the United States, and sculpture by Paul Kass. 

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